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Friedrich Ebert Biography


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Friedrich Ebert, born in Heidelberg in the southwest of Germany , trained in his youth as a saddler, became active in politics and the union movement during his early years in Bremen . Since 1905 he worked for the Board of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in Berlin and became a Member of the Federal Parliament, the “Reichstag”, in 1912. From 1916 on he was one of the chairs of the SPD caucus inside the Parliament. Already in 1913, after August Bebels death, he was elected President of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

After the revolution of 1918 had succeeded first, he took one of the chairs of the revolutionary government, the “Council of the Peoples Representatives”. He was a fierce opponent of the so called “dictatorship of the proletariat” and a system oriented towards the Russian model, but instead supported the Parliamentarian Democracy and was able to assert elections for the Weimar National Assembly which later on elected him the first President of the Weimar Republic at February 11 th in 1919.

During his term of office he aimed for political and social balance between workers and bourgeoisie and rejected class struggle politics, what was controversial even inside social democratic circles. Finally it was the political Right that was covering him with slander and libel, targeting in his person the young Republic and contributing to the early death of Germany 's first democratically elected President.

Just now, inside a stable democracy, his political acts find the due acknowledgment beyond borderlines of all political parties.


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