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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, office Macedonia in cooperation with the University American College Skopje has the honor of inviting you to the 9th international annual conference on European integration titled “THE EUROPE OF TOMORROW: CREATIVE, DIGITAL, INTEGRATED ” which will be held on Thursday 15 May 2014 at Hotel Aleksandar Palas in Skopje.


Academy for Young Researchers 2014

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The first week of April started working the second generation of the Academy for young researchers organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Skopje. Last year for the first time was realized the project Academy for young researchers in 2013 in collaboration with the Association Institute for Community Development - Tetovo, which aims to train political and socially engaged young people to conduct methodological research on public opinion on certain issues, in order strengthening the capacity of organizations in which they work.


Certificate Ceremony for the Sixth Political academy for social democracy 2013

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Since 2008, FES Skopje together with its partners Progres-Institute, Skopje and Olof Palme International Center are organizing the Political Academy for social democracy. The Political academy is an educational project designed as academic course and training. The main purpose of the Academy is to educate and train individuals with social-democratic orientation who with their everyday activities shape the political decisions and actions in Macedonia. As previous year, the PoliticalAcademy had provided both theoretical knowledge and development of practical skills in political system, social-democratic ideology and values, political and party management, political communication and public relations.


FES Skopje supported TV serial “Euro ZOOM” – interviews and debates from Brussels published on NOVA TV (web portal) by: Borjan Jovanovski, independent journalist

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Both the domestic and the foreign expert public have noted for years the problems of the media landscape in Macedonia, pointing out the political and economic influence over the media (which further reflected on the editorial policy of media and the practice of self-censorship by journalists), the political, financial and economic dependence of the Public Service Broadcaster and of the Broadcasting Council, inconsistent application of the media legislation, state advertising and campaigns as a source of income for some media, unlimited fines for defamation and insult, etc. There were numerous problems and they piled up throughout the last 20 years because the institutions, but on the other hand media workers themselves as well, handled them inefficiently. The media continue to suffer heavy political and economic influences that reflect as biased editorial policy, deterioration of professional standards, self-censorship of journalists or restricted access to balanced reporting and a wide variety of views for the public. Through the whole process, the Government demonstrated a strong determination to adopt the legislation, ignoring critical opinions and essential suggestions coming from the international and domestic media community.

The main objectives are to present and explain the meaning and the need of the European integration processes of the country, but also to initiate an active and relevant debate between the civil sector, citizens and officials in order to raise public awareness of the need of fostering the needed reforms in the field of the accession processes such as rule of law, freedom of speech, good governance, business environment, transparency of institutions and etc. The project enabled monitoring of the quality of the process of implementation of the reforms, which is the most sensitive part of the integration as whole. In this context, a special attention in this project will be given to the new strategy for enlargement in the European commission which priority is the need of reform implementation.

In continuation, you can find links to the interviews and debates published during the 2013.



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