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Home АКТИВНОСТИ 2012 Watch the live streamed: Conference EUROPE 2020: TOWARDS INNOVATIVE AND INCLUSIVE UNION,

Watch the live streamed: Conference EUROPE 2020: TOWARDS INNOVATIVE AND INCLUSIVE UNION,

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Watch the live streamed


which will happened on Thursday 17 May 2012 in Hotel Holiday Inn in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

The conference is envisioned to be divided into two academic tracks, which will simultaneously be streamed live through the following links:

Academic track 1: Inclusive Union: Political, Social and Cultural aspects; on

Academic track 2: Economy, Business and Innovation in Time of Crisis; on

Both academic tracks (and live streams respectively) are envisioned to start at 09:30h.

The working language will be English.

Conference background

In the time of tremendous challenges ever more people on the continent are provoked to reconsider the viability of the pan-European project. The prime goal of the FES Skopje and University American College Skopje 7th international conference on European integration will be to analyze the key threats to the political and institutional architecture of the Union offering sustainable solutions for Europe at the crossroad.

Researchers are invited to cross-sectional examination of the key drivers behind the negative trends in the various areas from finance, economy, social cohesion and environment to education, media and culture. The basic point of departure is our belief that the nations of Europe possess the capabilities to reshape the Union by 2020 and reinvent the attractiveness of the EU model, which is so far considered the most successful instance of economic and political integration in the history of humankind.

Major issues to be addressed include:

  • ·         Europe more deeply integrated in a political, economic and financial areas as a solution to the debt and Euro crises or revival of economic nationalisms on the continent;  
  • ·         Improving higher educational policies and creation of a knowledge society in order to cope with the global competition;  
  • ·         Re-shaping of supra-national European institutions, reducing their democratic deficit and consequently containing Euro-skepticism;  
  • ·         Making multicultural practices an asset, not an obstacle towards building more inclusive communities;  
  • ·         Western Balkan countries between domestic reform inertia and distracted EU.  

The times of crisis have always presented a chance for the brightest to offer the vision and ideas for the better globe. Truly believing that the academic world should spearhead the overall efforts in building more prosperous Europe, we are looking forward on your impressions after watched live streamed Conference on 17 May 2012.

For conference program and other details,

Please feel free to share this e-mail amongst your network.

Kind regards,

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, office Skopje team


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